Sybil Copeland


Sybil Copeland is the author of Seeking Soul and Serendipity: In Sight of Soul. She’s an entrepreneur, humanitarian, trainer, coach, mentor, avid traveler, reader, and overall adventurer. 
She believes the best inspiration can be found in an individual’s own uniquely personal journey. She’s dedicated to helping others uncover what has eluded them in the past. To pursue her dreams, she left a high-paying corporate job and she has no regrets. She understands–and empathizes–with others who find themselves uninspired, unfulfilled, or even lost in the minutia of their day-to-day lives and it’s her hope to encourage them find themselves again and reach their greatest potential. 
Sybil writes fiction on spirituality and non-fiction personal development dedicated to teaching the importance of finding purpose and balance in life. When she’s not inspiring others, she’s traveling, exploring spirituality, and searching for new and exciting ways to connect with people around the world to show them how to unlock their true callings in life.