Anita Light (deFigueiredo)


Anita is a self-driven and self-motivated individual with high energy and a zest for life that would love to see more love and consciousness living around the world. Anita’s mission statement is to touch as many lives as possible around the world by creating opportunities for their transformation. Her leadership skills combined with her coaching have enabled her to create powerful success stories with people from all ages, and backgrounds around the world that have shared the common goal of changing their status quo. 

Anita is a firm believer that we are all born winners and sometimes people need the right guidance and opportunity to achieve their greatness.  

Anita has served as the National Logistics Director of Live Events and Service Projects for Humanity Unites Brilliance (HUB) and Director of Operations for the Manifest Foundation (now WorldVentures Foundation). She has extensive experience in creating and managing domestic and international humanitarian-focused projects, service day programs, fundraising which generated nearly $2 million in humanitarian and international voluntourism programs for beneficent organizations both domestically and internationally. Efforts to date have resulted in progressive socio-economic change for over 20,000 children and their families. 

As National Logistics Director of Live Events and Service Projects with HUB, Anita coordinated and managed multiple (domestic & international) teams in the execution of all aspects of live event and voluntourism-related activities including co-designing, planning and program implementation in areas such as USA, Canada, London and Africa. Anita oversaw event travel and production programs that provided ongoing meals, clean water solutions, and education for families around the world. 

As Director of Operations for the Manifest Foundation, Anita helped co-create and maintain this non-profit from inception to the multi-national organization it has become today. Manifest supports organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the Nancy Lieberman Foundation, and Big Brothers & Big Sisters to engage people in hands-on service and contribution-based activity. Performing work in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ecuador, Liberia, Kenya, Mexico and more, the impact was felt world-wide. Anita is big believer in the evolving autonomy-building humanitarian action movement and supports practical business-focused systems for instituting change and global quality of life enhancement 

Anita has managed to build a successful business enterprise while satisfying her compassionate nature through contribution to the community in her role as a Reiki Master, Spiritual Advisor, Certified Hypnotherapist and Feng Shui practitioner. Anita’s varied background in planning and execution, along with her pragmatic understanding of traditional business practices and her intimate knowledge of the healing and spiritual arts provided the perfect foundation for proactive, business-savvy humanitarian services management and collaboration. 

Passionate about business-assisted benevolence and its possibilities, Anita provides organizational services that help focus, encourage and ultimately achieve objectives in realization of business and beneficent goals.