About Us

global change starts locally


LOCALGIVER is a humanitarian, service-focused tour operator affiliated with GLOBALGIVER.org, a non-profit organization benefiting non-profit projects in the local communities served by LOCALGIVER. 


LOCALGIVER is a Volunteer Development Agency that creates service tours designed to help you find a cause or humanitarian service project that speaks to your heart and inspires you to give back and serve in your local community.

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We Can Help You Give Back More, Locally


on a mission to change the world


LOCALGIVER offers transformational humanitarian tours and service-driven experiences designed to bring communities together and ignite positive global change, one LOCALGIVER at a time.


Our vision is to be the premier humanitarian service tour operator by demonstrating sustainable tourism in our local community, offering an ever-growing range of exclusive tours integrating FUN with life-changing experiences, and expanding our reach through an extensive online presence.





Whether your relationship with us be that of a client or a seasoned humanitarian, we are resolute to instilling our core values into every facet of our services, programs, activities, community interactions, and culture at all levels of our organizations, GLOBALGIVER and LOCALGIVER alike.



LOCALGIVER Service Tours places integrity above all else, and expects this of all individuals, businesses, organizations, and agencies with whom we work and do business with in order to provide honest, fair, and competitive market rates.  We further want our clients, suppliers, and any other parties with whom we conduct business to demand and expect the same level of integrity from us.



LOCALGIVER Tours strive to be upfront and provide full-disclosure with regard to our products, services, and processes in all transactions and interactions.



LOCALGIVER Tours strive for an optimal level of service in order to provide our clients the best value and life-changing experiences.  To accomplish this, we thoroughly vet individuals and organizations that contribute to conducting our tours, allowing us to design and produce the best possible product and service offerings.



As every person is unique, LOCALGIVER understands the need to provide tailor-made programs and activities catering to the unique needs and desires of our clients.  It involves making a commitment toward establishing trust and understanding between us and our clients, getting to know them on a more personal level in order to help them achieve the best possible outcome from their tour experience.  This, while serving it all up with a smile and some humor.



LOCALGIVER Tours conducts its services with sustainability in mind.  We take into account the needs and interests of local communities, preserving the cultural heritage, promoting environmental stewardship, and focusing on long-term positive economic outcomes and fair practices.



While LOCALGIVER Tours takes the way we conduct our business very seriously, striving to conduct ourselves in an ethical, objective, balanced, efficient, and reliable manner, we constantly endeavor to balance that with a down-to-earth and fun-loving approach, operating with humility and integrity.

How We Apply Our Values…


  • Integrity in All We Do
  • Connect and Collaborate Inclusively
  • Serve From the Heart
  • Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity, and Universality
  • Protection of Life, Health, and Human Dignity
  • Respect for the Individual Human Being
  • Non-discrimination on the Basis of Nationality, Race, Gender, Religious Beliefs, Socio-Economic Standing, or Political Ideology
  • Mutual Understanding, Friendship, Cooperation, and Lasting Peace Among All People
  • Service through Volunteerism
  • Achievement / Accomplishment
  • Adventure / Excitement
  • Creativity / Creative Expression
  • Effort / Hard Work / Productivity
  • Knowledge / “Love of” Learning
  • Open Mindedness / Curiosity
  • Trust / Trustworthiness

Anita Light (deFigueiredo)

co-founder & Director of Logistics 

Christopher Byram

Co-Founder & Managing Member

Sybil Copeland

co-founder & business strategist