Hello fellow humanitarian, volunteer, or giver-backer person…

It’s nice to finally meet you!

Volunteering is our passion and, we’ll be the first to admit, we have a lot of fun doing it! We believe that if you try and do good things then you’re spending your time doing something worthwhile.

Change happens when dreamers band together. At LOCALGIVER, we connect people who want to give back and volunteer with organizations that need people and resources to continue making a difference in the local communities.

Have some extra time to share and want to make a difference, why not join us?!

Anita Light (deFigueiredo)

Humanitarian Cosultant & logistic


Anita is a born leader, humANITArian consultant, and spiritual counselor for 20 years whose mission is to touch as many lives as possible by creating an  opportunity for transformation. She believes we are all born winners and sometimes just need the right guidance to achieve greatness.


Christopher Byram

Christopher Byram

Co-Founder & Managing Member


Christopher has altruism in his blood.  With 30 years of volunteer service for dozens of charities and non-profits, he has chaired multiple non-profit boards over the past decade.  An IT Professional by trade, Christopher’s passions are music and helping improve the lives of others.


Sybil Copeland

Business Strategist & Intuitive Visionary

Sybil is a Texas-based author, entrepreneur, and passionate humanitarian. She is a Worldpreneur who believes in traveling the world while doing work that feels like play, and always being mindful of the little things–because it’s the little things that mean the most.


Riley 🐾

Mascot & Humanitarian Dog

Riley is a Humanitarian dog that fits right in with this team. The day Riley came home from the rescue center was the day he was told to step up and get ready to become a humanitarian/service dog. Riley loves exploring and meeting new people with his “I LOVE YOU KISSES:  Just ask him for one!!!!!